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Why It’s Important for All Adults to Schedule Regular Hearing Tests
Premier Hearing Center

Many people would never dream of skipping their yearly medical checkups, and insist that their children and spouses undergo regular physical exams as well. But even the most diligent patients tend to overlook the importance of yearly hearing testing. On average, it takes most people who are struggling with hearing loss symptoms between 7 and 10 years to have their hearing tested—resulting in delayed treatment… Read More

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The Importance of Wearing Your Hearing Aid Regularly
Premier Hearing Center

One of the more common things we hear in our hearing care facilities is that our customers and patients only wear their hearing aid when they go out with friends or have company over. “Why bother wearing it if I’m not in a social setting?” they ask, assuming that they’re doing the right thing. There’s only one problem—your hearing aid isn’t a casual accessory! Hearing… Read More

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