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Why Doesn’t My Hearing Aid Fix Everything Instantly? A Look at the Challenges Faced by New Hearing Aid Users

When your hearing is functioning as it was meant to, you are constantly being bombarded with sound. Even a quiet walk in the park or afternoon in the library can be filled with a veritable cacophony.

Do you disagree? Like most people, you probably do. When our ears are running at 100%, our brains learn how to filter out the sounds that we “need” and the sounds that we do not—otherwise, we would never be able to concentrate for the noise of people breathing, HVAC systems running, shuffling papers, and other unnecessary sounds. What we are left with are the sounds that we can process comfortably, without too much internal confusion.

Hearing aids, however, do not have the same level of sophisticated filtering that our brains boast. Technology is improving rapidly, but even the most advanced hearing aids require several adjustments to best suit your individual needs. When you first experienced the world around you with your hearing aid, you may have been frustrated by its filtering capabilities. Whether it filtered too much or too little, you may have been missing out on sounds that you wanted to hear, or felt bombarded with too much.

While this is an incredibly frustrating time, especially for first-time hearing aid users, it is also very common. Hearing is a very complex sense, and unlike eyesight, there is no one magic “prescription” that works immediately.

At Premier Hearing Center, our specialists can work closely with you throughout your journey to ensure that your hearing aid—whether it is your first or your latest—is performing properly for you. Finding the perfect setting takes time and effort, and we look forward to spending both to ensure that your hearing solution experience is as positive as possible!

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