Hearing Aid Services Offered at our Santa Fe Location

Premier Hearing Center came about in response to a need in the local Santa Fe community for a high quality hearing care provider. Premier Hearing Center aims to provide everyone with access to better hearing and goes about this through educating clients, professional and personalized customer service and top class technology.

If you want to make the best of your appointment with us, you should take a little time to watch our video about hearing loss and hearing aids. You should then click through to our Guide to Better Hearing and then download it for free. Once you have read the document, set up a consultation with Premier Hearing Center in order to discuss your own needs and expectations. We will then give advice about what we can do to assist you.

As a full service practice, the range of services we offer is quite varied. We can assist Santa Fe Residents with the following:

  • The Sale and Repair of Hearing Aids
  • Testing Hearing
  • Evaluating Hearing Aids

At Premier Hearing Center we believe that clients, who are well-educated in regards to our services and their conditions, are a lot more satisfied. Getting the best from the solutions we offer is contingent upon being properly educated about how to use them. We bring a good deal of experience to the table and only work with experienced professionals. In conjunction with our experience, we also conduct comprehensive tests in order to assist with accurate diagnoses.

We then work hand in hand with you to ensure that you are presented with a solution that is best suited to you. We will walk you through all the steps. Should a hearing aid be necessary, we will choose an option that is properly personalized to fit your lifestyle and budget. We also ensure that the product is properly fitted and optimally programmed. We will also show you how to look after your hearing aid properly.

We don’t stop there; we arrange follow-up visits to make sure everything is working well. Premier Hearing Center is also able to service your hearing aid on a regular basis and to repair it should anything go wrong. There is no reason for you to have to worry about ever needing another hearing care provider again.

Visit our Santa Fe location for a free hearing screening today