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Do You Consider Yourself a Gym Person, but Your Hearing Aid is Holding You Back? Don’t Let Your Hearing Loss Wreck Your Workout!

Whether you like to break a sweat on the treadmill, on the tennis court, or in a spin class, you value your time at the gym. You see a workout as a way to relieve stress, improve your physical health, and burn off some steam after a long day at work. You may not be in the running for any Olympic medals, but your consistency and enthusiasm keep you motivated to pursue your active lifestyle. While you may forget it once in a while, you also have a hearing impairment.

Today, hearing loss is not a problem seen only in older men and women—it can affect people of every age. For those who are accustomed to their hearing impairment, life with a hearing aid is par for the course, but those of us who are new users face several challenges, one of which is working out in a warm, noisy gym.

Gyms are not quiet places—from the whir of treadmills to music blaring over speakers, those with hearing aids may need to turn their devices much lower in order to escape the layered, incessant sound. That’s not even the primary challenge—for most, that lies in breaking a sweat.

Waterproof and Water Resistant Hearing Aids Are Available

Technology and moisture have never mixed well. You take extra measures to protect your phone from moisture, and hearing aids are even more susceptible to exposure. You may notice that your hearing aids cut in and out over the course of a workout, and you hear static and distorted sound. This does not mean your hearing aids are defective and unable to make it through a workout—it just means you will need to adjust your approach.

While many are tempted to simply leave their hearing aids at home, hearing loss can negatively impact your balance, which is dangerous at the gym. Waterproof and water-resistant hearing aids are available, but you do not need to replace your current hearing aids to enjoy activity—instead, ask us about available accessories that protect your hearing aids from moisture damage, including sweatbands, sleeves, and sport clips to ensure that your hearing aids stay dry and secure!

To learn more about how to protect your hearing aids from activity-induced sweat, contact us today!