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“Hello? Hello!” Talk on the Phone Again With Our Tricks for Using a Cell Phone and Hearing Aids Together

You are a social butterfly, and always have been. Your hearing loss may have been especially devastating for you initially, as you worried how it would affect your social life. After getting a hearing aid, you were delighted to get back to what you love most—being the life of the party, and conversing with old friends and new friends alike.

Since many of your friends and family live several states away, you looked forward to enjoying phone calls with them once again. With your hearing aids, however, you have had difficulty using the phone. Whether it was challenging to hear or your conversation was interrupted by interference and crackling, it was clear that something was amiss.

While texting is a great way for those of us with hearing loss to communicate quickly and on-the-go, there is nothing like hearing the voice of a loved one. It is very common for people who use a hearing aid to have difficulty finding a way to make phone calls work, but it can be done—and it’s just a matter of technology.

As cell phone technology has improved, it has also made many devices more difficult to use with a hearing aid. Newer phones often are difficult to use with hearing aid telecoils, and complaints of static, buzzing, or interference are common. Fortunately, however, cell phone manufacturers have been told by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that something must be done, which has resulted in:

  • Phones that are hearing aid compatible (HAC)
  • A wider variety of telecoil connections that allow you to interface directly with your phone with ease

There are also several ways to shop for a phone that will work with your specific hearing solution set-up. If you have questions about how to find a phone that will work with your device, or how you can use your phone with greater ease, our staff is happy to help. Simply call a location near you or complete our contact form!