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Premier Hearing Center welcomes people with hearing problems and provides great services such as education about hearing loss and its causes, information about the latest technology applied in hearing aids and excellent customer support. Hearing loss is a common disorder, with 10 percent of the US population being affected to some degree. More than 30 million people of different age categories suffer from hearing impairment, which has many cases. Contrary to populary belief, hearing loss does not affect only the elderly, with a significant percentage of patients being younger than 65. Besides age-induced hearing impairment, one of the most common causes is exposure to loud noises, especially in the work environment. Although noise-induced hearing loss can be diminished or prevented by using hearing protection such as earmuffs, a substantial amount of people experience progressive hearing loss each year. Besides aging and exposure to loud noises, other causes of hearing loss may include neurological disease, side effects of medication, head injuries or complicated infections. At Premier Hearing Center, our hearing aid specialists will perform a thorough evaluation of your hearing and may choose the appropriate hearing aid device depending on the extent and cause of your hearing impairment.

Before meeting without team of hearing aid professionals, you can start by watching our tutorial about hearing impairment and hearing aid devices. You can also download a copy of the free Guide to Better Hearing, which contains precious information on how to preserve your hearing and prevent deterioration induced by aging or loud noises. After consulting these valuable educational resources, don’t hesitate to make a call and schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained hearing aid experts, who will perform a detailed examination and will formulate valid recommendations on the types of hearing aids suitable for your needs. We pride ourselves on being a hearing center that provides relevant and frequently updated information about the latest developments in hearing aids. Our customers consider us the best hearing aid provider in the region because they can benefit from a large selection of services such as sales of hearing aids, repairs, evaluation and diagnosis, and thorough testing of hearing aid devices to make sure their hearing problem is addressed in a professional and effective way.