What factors affect the cost of hearing aids?

If you’re comparing different hearing aids online, you’ve probably noticed that all models have something in common: they’re expensive. The high cost of hearing aids is one of the major hurdles to overcoming hearing loss for many people; however, there are many ways you can bring down the price and still get the device you want.You can control expenses by carefully shopping for the hearing aid options most important to you

Factors That Can Affect the Price of Your Hearing Aid

Anything from where you live to which shop you visit can affect the total cost of a hearing device. How much you will pay for hearing aids will depend on a number of factors, including:

  • Your condition. Some people can correct their hearing loss with aids at lower price points, while others will benefit much more from more sophisticated devices. A free hearing aid trial is especially helpful if you are considering a device with a high price tag, as it helps you compare the quality of each device.
  • One vs. two. Many people only need one hearing device instead of two, instantly cutting the cost of their treatment in half.
  • Insurance options. Some hearing care providers accept insurance for hearing aids, while many costs of hearing aids for children can be mostly or completely covered through state or federal assistance programs.
  • Optional extras. Hearing aids that offer wireless functionality or compatibility with smartphones typically cost more than those that don’t. If these features don’t matter to you, you could save hundreds off your price.
  • Additional services. Some retailers will charge extra for cleaning, modifications, batteries, warranties, and other necessities that make your device function. If your device is fitted by a hearing care provider, many of these services will be included when you purchase a device.

At Premier Hearing Center, our hearing care specialists always inform patients of the total cost of each hearing aid before they buy. We also offer many ways to manage the total cost, including financing options and custom payment plans. Call or visit our offices to try out our top-of-the-line hearing aids today!