Your Hearing Loss & Its Effect on Your Job Performance: What You Can Do About It

Today, people are experiencing hearing loss earlier in their lives than ever before. This means that an increasing number of individuals trying to cope with hearing impairment are entirely in new territory, such as on the job and at the gym.

Workplaces of any kind are a challenging place to navigate with hearing loss. No matter what your position is, your performance relies on your ability to communicate effectively with your coworkers, management, and customers. Most modern work environments are not designed with hearing loss in mind, however, which can put added stress on you in the workplace.

The key to thriving at work is a matter of candor with your supervisors and coworkers. While it can be stressful to discuss your hearing loss with anyone, no one can make your day easier if they are unaware of your challenges.

Focus on What Will Make Your Workday More Productive and Less Stressful

The average employee has countless interactions throughout the workday, but in general, there are three primary areas of communication: internal, external, and personal communications.

Internal Communication

Internal communication is a huge part of most people’s day—meetings, presentations, and informal conversations between coworkers. These can be very stressful experiences for those facing hearing loss, but there are several small adjustments that can be made to any workplace to make it friendlier toward hearing impaired employees:

  • Request that large meetings and presentations be accompanied by a PowerPoint or other visual aid, which can help other employees as well
  • Ask to receive important updates, news, and policies in writing
  • Let your coworkers know how they can help, whether it is by establishing eye contact during conversations, or sending an email or text message to confirm important details

External Communication

For communication with customers, it is very important that both your landline and cellular telephones work with you, whether you already have a hearing aid or are in the process of obtaining one. Talking on the phone is a very common challenge for those with hearing impairments, and in the workplace, phones are often critical communication pieces. Make sure your phone is compatible with your hearing aid or listening device so that you don’t miss a beat.

Personal Communication

For non-work related communication with co-workers, such as water cooler chat or lunches outside of work, one of the best solutions will also help you in every aspect of your life—finding the right hearing aid for you and your lifestyle. If you are ready to explore hearing solutions, contact us today—we can guide you through every step of the process, and offer our clients a wide variety of hearing aids to fit every budget.