Our Southwest Hearing Aid Offices Can Fit You with Your Perfect Device

You’re ready to take control of your hearing loss. You realize you’ve spent far too long without hearing your favorite sounds, taking part in your favorite activities, and risking putting your life and your independence at risk. Congratulations!

While it can be empowering to correct a long-standing hearing condition, it can also be stressful to choose the right device. At Premier Hearing Center, we offer advanced hearing solutions to restore your quality of life, re-engage in conversations, and renew your overall well-being.

Choose From Our Comfortable, High-Tech Hearing Aid Styles

There are many types of hearing aid technologies available, each with its own unique benefits. The PHC hearing solution team will work with you to find the best solution for your body, comfort level, and budget. One of our hearing specialists will guide you through hearing devices suited to treat your condition, and will allow you to try out each one. When you have chosen your device, we will program it to your specifications and adjust the device to fit your ear perfectly. Finally, we will adjust sound and volume levels, ensuring that you are completely happy with your new device.

We offer a wide variety of hearing aid models and styles, including:

Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)

These are the smallest and most cosmetically discreet. The CIC instruments fit completely in the canal and are custom-made. There is a clear nylon string to help with insertion and removal. They are powered with a #10 hearing aid battery. At PHC, we’re proud to offer the CIC MICRO, our smallest hearing aid. This hearing solution uses CIC technology to fit completely inside your ear canal. It is the most discreet way to restore your hearing. Each CIC hearing aid is custom fit to your body so you can easily position your hearing aid and secure it in place for a comfortable fit.

In-the-Canal (ITC)

ITC hearing aids are a nearly invisible solution. These hearing aids fit almost entirely inside your ear canal, making them hard to see while amplifying the world around you. They are larger than the CIC devices, but they are custom-made to fit within the ear canal. They are powered with a #312 or #10 hearing aid battery.

In-the-Ear (ITE)

ITE hearing aids are understated, fitting completely inside the bowl of the ear canal. Custom shaped to your hear, ITE hearing solutions are comfortable and easy to put in or take out. The custom sizing, along with the lightweight and compact design, makes these instruments comfortable and easy to manage. They are powered by a #13 or #312 battery.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE)

BTE hearing aids are the most traditional type of hearing solution. The processing components are housed in a case that fits behind the ear. Sound enters the instrument, is amplified, and travels through a tube that is contoured over the top of the listener’s ear and into an earmold inside the ear. Fitted snugly around your ear, the hearing aid is comfortable, nearly invisible, and easy to wear. BTE hearing aids are easy to handle, easy to maintain, and are easily adjusted for your hearing comfort. They are powered with a #675 or #13 battery.

Receiver-In-Canal/Receiver-In-The-Ear (RIC/RITE).

These are similar to the conventional BTE but are much smaller, making them more discreet. A very small tube leads to the ear canal making this option much more cosmetically appealing while offering superior sound quality. A new kind of BTE aid is an open-fit hearing aid, which fits behind the ear completely, with only a narrow tube inserted into the ear canal, enabling the canal to remain open. This allows the patient to hear without a “plugged” sensation in the affected ear.

Technologically Advanced Hearing Aids With Bluetooth Compatibility

We offer the most technologically-advanced digital hearing aids, as well as a complete inventory of cell phone accessories. If you need hearing aids to work with Bluetooth technology, we can help you choose the hearing aid that is best for you.

Our Transparent Financing Allows You to Choose a Hearing Device Within Your Budget

Our specialists know that patients want to find a solution that fits both their lifestyle and their budget. That is why we always inform you of all costs up front, including which options are covered by your insurance plan. We offer financing through CareCredit and accept all major credit cards, and can work with you to create a payment plan to ensure you get the device that is right for you.

Premier Hearing Center has offices throughout New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas, making it easy and convenient for patients to get the help they need. Call us today at 888-280-7114 for more information on the hearing solutions we provide, or fill out the form on this page to make an appointment.