Harlan H., Tucson, AZ

Dear Dr. Wahl,

I have had time now to really put my hearing to the test after our appointment when you reviewed and restructured my Hearing Aids and I have had remarkable results.  Having worn Hearing Aids of different styles and having had other Audiologists since 1985 whom I have worked with, I am very convinced that it was my Lucky Day when I called and made an appointment with you.

I would heartily recommend your services to my best friends who I know have had similar problems with their hearing devices too.  I have discovered sounds that I never knew existed before in my home and outside.  I am a little old to say this but it’s like discovering a new world.  I thank you so very much and hope other people will find your services too and I know that I will be back for my appointment in 6 months.

Harlan O. Hagen
Tucson, AZ