The Importance of Wearing Your Hearing Aid Regularly

One of the more common things we hear in our hearing care facilities is that our customers and patients only wear their hearing aid when they go out with friends or have company over. “Why bother wearing it if I’m not in a social setting?” they ask, assuming that they’re doing the right thing. There’s only one problem—your hearing aid isn’t a casual accessory!

Hearing Aids Aren’t Just for Your Ears

In order to understand the argument, you must first understand one very important thing about hearing aids—they really aren’t for your ears. Yes, they help your ears process sounds, but these processed sounds get sent directly to your brain, which is where you actually understand and piece together the sounds that you hear.

It’s not shocking that the people who only use their hearing aids from time to time never really like their hearing aids much. Their brains are forced to switch between two sets of sounds constantly, so processing the sounds produced by hearing aids can become truly overwhelming and almost chaotic. It’s kind of like wearing your very first pair of glasses—if you only wore them for a few minutes a day, it would feel strange after constantly adapting to your blurry vision. The improved vision would never feel “right,” just as the sounds you hear with hearing aids will seem strange when you only receive irregular exposure.

Be Patient When Adjusting to Hearing Aids

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—hearing with hearing aids is a skill that takes time to develop, but it is well worth the time and energy spent. Be patient with yourself, because the process can be overwhelming at first; you’ll find, however, that the more consistent you are with wearing your hearing aids, the easier and more natural it will feel to hear over time.

Allow your brain to acclimate to life with hearing aids—you’ll be glad you did! For more help with your hearing aids and hearing troubles, let one of our friendly hearing healthcare professionals guide you through the process—call the Premier Hearing Center closest to you to get started today!