Our Hearing Aid Repair Services Can Lengthen the Life of Your Device

It seems like only yesterday that you purchased your first hearing aid. While it delivered crystal-clear sound for many years, it has recently started to become fussy with age. You’re struggling to overcome the device’s shortcomings, but you can’t deny that your hearing aid may need to be replaced—and you don’t want to begin the shopping process all over again. Is there anything you can do to restore your hearing aid to its former glory?

Let Us Repair Your Hearing Aid and Save You the Cost of a New Device!

At Premier Hearing Center, we want our patients to continue to enjoy the sounds around them long after the purchase of their device. That is why we offer many hearing aid cleaning and repair services to fix damaged and malfunctioning devices. Whether you need wax removal, new batteries, or extensive repair to your device, our hearing care specialists can get your device back in working order.

We perform a wide range of services on many popular hearing aid makes and models, including:

  • Cleaning. A thorough cleaning can both correct and prevent many problems with your device. Our technicians use specialized tools to remove wax and debris from the sound outlet, ventilation ports, microphone, and connections, and we can also remove any wax in your ear canal that can block the proper transmission of sound.
  • Inspection and fitting. Our technicians will check for defective components that could be affecting the sound output on your device and replace worn or damaged components (such as wax filters). We also perform diagnostic testing on your device to test the sound quality and ensure that the device is fitted properly to your ear canal to prevent feedback and distortion.
  • Maintenance. Patients’ hearing needs may change from month to month, changing the effectiveness of their hearing aids. We can reprogram your device to deliver the optimal correction for your condition, as well as offer tips on how to receive the best quality sound. For instance, we can show you how to pull moisture out of your hearing aid and get the most out of your battery life, helping you maintain your device for years into the future.
  • Repairs. We keep many replacement parts and accessories on hand to make fast repairs to malfunctioning devices, including batteries, wax filters, and tubing. If your device needs a significant amount of repair, we can discuss your options and wait times for the device to be mended.

Are Some Hearing Aids Too Old to Repair?

Hearing aids are generally designed to last to up to ten years; however, technology improves at a much faster pace. While proper maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your hearing aid, many manufacturers only make replacement parts for their hearing aids for two or three years before discontinuing them. Patients are left with the option of using used or refurbished parts, or upgrading to a newer model device. Of course, the silver lining in upgrading is that patients are able to enjoy far more options and conveniences with new technology—especially if their hearing needs have changed since the purchase of their former device.

If your hearing aid is beyond repair, our hearing care providers can work with you to find a new device that complements your current lifestyle and fits your budget. We offer financing through CareCredit and accept several insurance plans and credit cards, and our specialists will always inform you of your total costs up front. Call us today at 888-280-7114 to make an appointment in one of our New Mexico, Arizona, or Texas offices, or fill out our online contact form to speak with a staff member at the Premier Hearing Center nearest you.