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Hearing loss should always be taken seriously. Having a hearing health condition can have a dramatic impact on your relationships, your ability to communicate effectively, and your overall physical and mental health. What might seem like a small annoyance now, may actually put your health in jeopardy. Recent studies from researchers at Johns Hopkins University suggest that untreated hearing loss may cause long-term changes in how the brain functions because speech perception is distorted or suppressed.

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Speech and sound recognition are central to how the brain works. If you develop hearing problems and fail to treat them promptly, the results may be far more serious than a bit of conversation missed now and then. Unless you treat your hearing problems soon, you risk a spectrum of unfortunate consequences.

The hearing care team at Premier Hearing Center understands the annoyance and frustration you feel. We also understand just how dangerous it is for you or your loved one to avoid seeking treatment. That’s why we make it as effortless as possible throughout Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to get evaluated for hearing loss and receive the care that you or your loved one deserves.

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At Premier Hearing Center, our dedicated staff of Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists are here to serve your unique hearing needs. We will find your personalized hearing solution and make it easy and affordable. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.

Initial Consultation and Hearing Tests

Using the information you have provided from the patient in-take forms, your hearing professional will discuss your hearing concerns with you, asking you for more details as needed. Your hearing professional looks into your ears with a video-otoscope, a small camera which projects a video image of your external ear canal onto a TV screen that you watch. The video-otoscope is no bigger than the hand held otoscope most doctors use to check your ears. You will be told what you are seeing on the TV screen and any implications concerning your hearing.

Important Healthcare Notice: If it is determined you have an infection or other condition requiring a physician’s attention, Premier Hearing Center gives you a list of several doctors who are Ear, Nose and Throat specialists in the area, and may even assist you in making an appointment with one of them.

You are shown into a large, well-lit sound-proof room for your hearing test. Each room has a window into the control booth where you can see your professional and speak to them via a microphone. The hearing care professional fits you with soft expandable disposable ear plugs that ensure the most accurate readings of your hearing. (Headsets are not as accurate.) Your hearing professional takes you through a series of hearing tests. These various hearing tests pinpoint problems: in which ear(s) and to what extent, what frequencies, what volumes, what level of background noise interferes with your understanding, etc.

  • Puretone Testing – Press a response button when tone is heard
  • Speech Testing – Repeat the word heard at different presentation levels
  • Quick-SIN – Repeat sentences heard with background noise present

Hearing Test Interpretation, Consultation to Find the “Best” Hearing Aids for You

The hearing care professional goes over your test results with you. Your hearing loss, if present, will be explained. Using your test results and your preliminary information, you and your hearing care professional determine the “best” hearing aid for your individual lifestyle and specific hearing problems.

It is the job of Premier Hearing Center to help you achieve your individual hearing solution.

It is your job to know what you can afford.

Premier Hearing Center informs you of all costs. Our insurance department informs you what is covered by your insurance and what is not.
We accept all major credit cards. We will work with you to create a payment plan if needed.

Receiving a Hearing Aid: Fitting and Programming

Each Premier Hearing Center location has an on-site laboratory. If needed, you will have ear molds made of each of your ears. This is a simple and painless process where liquid is injected into your ear. This liquid congeals as it cools to form a mold of your inner ear. Premier Hearing Centers stock a large variety of brands and models of the most up-to-date hearing technologies. Depending on the type of hearing aids you purchase, our licensed Audiologists and Dispensers may assemble your unique instrument on-site while you watch through a window.

Hearing aids should be called hearing computers in today’s high tech world. Your hearing professional “programs” your hearing aid on a computer through live speech mapping.

With your hearing aids on, the hearing professional will ask you questions about what you hear to maximize and minimize sounds according to your comfort level. Once programmed, your hearing aid will make many adjustments automatically for you.

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