Arizona Hearing Testing and Hearing Aids

When patients take the first step toward purchasing a hearing aid, they may also be lengthening their lifespans. The ability to hear is directly tied to your physical and mental health, so the longer you wait to get treatment, the more likely it is that you will suffer permanent effects as a result.

We provide essential hearing health care services at each of the following Arizona Premier Hearing Center offices: Tucson – Knight DriveTucson – Orange GrovePhoenix and Sun City including…

  • Hearing Testing. It is vital that all patients have their hearing tested at least once per year. Whether you come to us for your first hearing test or your fiftieth, our comprehensive examination can pinpoint the cause and degree of your hearing trouble. All of our locations use a variety of methods to allow patient to see the full extent of their conditions, including pure tone hearing tests, speech testing, tympanometry, otoacoustic emission testing, and live speech mapping. Visit our hearing care providers today your free hearing screening!
  • Hearing Aid Devices. We offer hearing aid devices in a range of sizes and styles to treat your condition, and our hearing care specialists can explain differences and benefits of each device. Whether you desire a Bluetooth-compatible device that can be linked to your cellphone or a digital model to drown out tinnitus, we have the device that will suit and complement your lifestyle. We accept many insurance plans and major credit cards, and offer additional financing options through CareCredit.
  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance. Hearing aids are sensitive pieces of technology, and can break down over time with repeated use and wear. Our technicians can keep your hearing device working like new with regular cleaning and inspections, and can even perform many repair services most in-house. Our hearing care specialists can also reprogram your device to make sure the sound it delivers is optimized for your ears.
  • Tinnitus Evaluation. Are you suffering from a persistent ringing, buzzing, or whistling sound in your ears? This common condition is called tinnitus, or head noise, and can be irritating and distracting to a patient’s daily life. Our hearing care providers can perform a focused examination to remove blockages in the ear canal and correct hearing loss-induced tinnitus, allowing you to hear clearly for the first time in years, and we will create a custom-made solution to stop the annoying ringing in your ears.

We have additional offices in ArizonaTexas and New Mexico, making it convenient for patients to get the help they need no matter where they live. Click on one of our office pages for easy driving directions and contact information to the office nearest you!