Important Healthcare Notice

If you play the TV too loudly, if listening in some situations has become difficult, you are needed to participate in a special program called the Ten Day Challenge.

Premier Hearing Center is seeking local participants with problems hearing to evaluate the Dream Micro, a new 100% digital, completely invisible hearing instrument.  To take part in this event you must call and make an appointment today.

In the 10 day challenge you evaluate a new high-tech hearing device that dramatically improves speech understanding and offers amazing true-to-life sound.

The Dream Micro is the world’s first personalized, 100% digital hearing device that can be tailored to your specific hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing consultations performed at no charge for all qualified candidates.  Participants will try the Dream Micro hearing aids for 10 days.  Call Premier Hearing Center today and take the 10 day challenge.

Call 888-280-7114 today.